Social Services

Social Services

Our agency helps hundreds of residents stay on track with their lives, with various services that are as important as good health and a quality education in building strong, sustainable communities. These programs, such as food stamp assistance, emergency housing programs, education and job resources are an essential part of what we do to provide an opportunity to assist our clients, improve their quality of life because the social health of our residents has a direct impact on economic health of our community.

Social services designated to provide meaningful opportunities for social and economic growth of the disadvantaged residents of the population in order to develop them into productive and self-reliant citizens. Basic social services of the government include Self-employment Assistance and Practical Skills Development Assistance.

Supplemental Feeding – is the provision of food assistance to underweight/malnourished children to improve their nutritional status. Undertaken through centralized neighborhood feeding and home-based feeding.

Areas we can offer help:

  • Food Stamp and Medicaid Applications
  • Cash Assistance
  • Family Success Center Information
  • Independent Living Facilities Referrals
  • Hot Meals Referrals
  • Free Nutrition Program
  • Health Department Information
  • Rental Assistance Forms
  • Light Bill Assistance Forms
  • Legal Aid Information
  • Social Security Information
  • Child Support Office Information
  • Substance Abuse Assistance Referrals
  • Voter Education Information
  • Abuse Shelter Referrals
  • Homeless Shelter Referrals
  • Housing Availability Referrals
  • Abuse Support

If you need any help, please come in and see us or call for additional information at        (954) 924-3635.

Address: 3220 N 24th Avenue

Hollywood, FL 33020

Hours of operation is Monday through Thursday, 9am to 12pm. 

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