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Liberia Economic & Social Development, Inc. has an impressive track record for its housing and Rehabilitation Programs. The agency has built over 309 affordable single family homes, 64 affordable multi-family units and numerous scattered home sites within the targeted communities, abolishing slum and blight in some of the most neglected areas of South Broward County.

The assistance for housing is provided due to the age of the housing stock in the area and a strong desire to preserve as much affordable housing for future generations. LES continually works to address capital needs and develop innovative methods that allow rehabilitation and redevelopment of its existing housing situation. At the same time, LES collaborates with many partners especially the City of Hollywood’s Department of Community Redevelopment & Code Compliance to create new affordable housing opportunities and preserve existing homes. Through a variety of such initiatives, LES and the City have brought about the redevelopment of numerous new housing units for low/moderate income families. Part of this effort was guided by a common goal of creating and preserving needed affordable housing throughout the City of Hollywood.

The newly constructed homes typically are 3 & 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with garages. Homes built are generally 1400 sq .ft. on 4,000 – 5,000 sq. ft. lots. LES required all prospective homeowners to attend an educational workshop, though the City’s Department of Community Development & Code Compliance. The informational classes are designed to address a variety of topics including working through the purchase process from application to closing, credit repair, budgeting, determining affordability, and other issues. To determine whether you qualify for financial assistance from the City of Hollywood, visit the website at www.hollywoodfl.org for additional information and/or to obtain an application.

Individual Housing Development Projects

Cody Street- located in the Liberia Subdivision in Hollywood, between NW 23rd and 24th Avenues and Cody Street. The project began in 1998 with land acquisition and site preparation. Thirteen (13) affordable 3 and 4 bedroom homes were constructed and sold to moderate income families in the community. The project was a joint venture between LES, Inc. and the City of Hollywood’s 1st time Homebuyer Program.

Crispus Commons- named after Crispus Attucks, which was an African American martyr of the American Revolution that was killed in the Boston Massacre. Seven (7) single family home, three (3) of which were 2 story having a combination of 3/2s and 4/2 ½ with garages were constructed. The property size was built between 1800 and 2100 sq ft. This project was also a joint venture with the City of Hollywood’s 1st time Homebuyer Program.

Oakwood Hills- 56 single family, with one and two story homes. The properties were sold to market rate families and were built around a 30 acre lake.

Liberty Heights- 64 2story multifamily apartments with screen enclosed patios/balconies with a combination of 2 & 3 bedroom. The subdivision is now called College Garden Apartments.