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Food Pantry

HOURS: Tuesday-Thursday 9am- 12pm

ADDRESS: 2334 Greene Street in Hollywood, Florida

The staff of Liberia Economic & Social Development, Inc. and its dedicated volunteers, operate a successful food pantry that serves Southern Broward and Northern Dade Counties. The pantry feeds approximately 75 to 85 families daily, and is open Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am to 12 noon. The pantry is located at 2334 Greene Street in Hollywood, Florida. The pantry relies heavily on food donations from local food banks, food markets, and cooperative community pantries to distribute much needed food to struggling people.

The LES Community Food Pantry must adjust to a rapidly changing environment and stay true to its mission: Ensuring that no one in the Broward County area goes hungry. The Food Pantry is more important than ever as the current economic recession has left thousands of families in financial crisis. While the demand for food assistance escalates, the Food Pantry faces shortages of surplus food donations due to intense competition in the food industry and tighter inventory controls. The respective number of clients that the pantry serves is constantly increasing with new clients do the country’s terminal economic declined. As the jobless rate increases so does the demand for food. When times are hard, food banks are often the ones to feel the biggest hit. Not only are their services needed more than ever by the community they serve, but donations also dwindle down to a trickle as donors give less than they otherwise would. However, the client’s needs do not dwindle, in fact in most cases they increase as well. LES recognizes those needs responds with other social services as needed. The Food Pantry is successful because of broad public support and a sturdy network of Member Agencies. We can never take the public trust for granted, and we have to ensure the network remains strong, even in tough economic times.

The goal of the food pantry is to feed people well because good nutrition is critical to good health. We strive to offer the most nutritious food possible to those in need. Helping people obtain access to a federal nutrition program and encouragement to shop and cook wisely helps to provide positive long-term consequence on public health, well-being and a quality life. The pantry supplies donated food to residents who are in need of food all year long, not just during the holidays.