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“Why Donate to LES”

We are the movement that produces POSITIVE results.

Communities of color and communities with high numbers of at-risk demographic groups have been hit especially hard. LES has made a difference in the lives of many residents.

The country has experienced a high level of unemployment since the economic fallout from the pandemic. LES’s job training program has provided a means to learn and obtain employment for the unemployed and the underemployed residents.

We believe all people need decent quality, healthy homes and enough income left after rent to afford life’s necessities.

Housing is not only a functional requirement of life, but it is also usually a household’s single largest cost and
a primary opportunity for wealth-building. LES has built over 350 affordable homes in Broward County where residents continue to maintain and upkeep.

People should have access to quality education from cradle through career.

We live in a global economy driven by knowledge, expertise, and innovation. In such an economy, access to quality
education is a critical predictor of an individual’s economic security over their lifetime. LES will be reopening its Early Learning Center where we can continue to shape the minds of our youth, provide pathways of opportunities and make quality education available.

A healthy community contributes to the health of its residents. Residents with no nearby grocery stores may be more likely to rely more on processed, shelf-stable food, and less likely to eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables. LES’s food pantry offers over 2,500 pounds of healthy, fresh and nutritious food to over 500 people monthly to help address an unmet need.

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