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Our Mission and Goals:

Celebrating 38 Years of Excellence!
The vision of the LES is to work towards the eradication of urban blight in the multi-cultural target area of Liberia in South Broward County, Florida. Through our various programs, we have established a safe haven and beacon of hope for the community in our efforts to promote community economic stability and sustainability. The agency is engaged in improving the overall well-being of low-income residents in The City of Hollywood, primarily working with the subdivisions of Liberia and Washington Park, and Dania Beach. LES is also engaged in the enhancing and the revitalization of economic conditions in these communities. As such, the agency provides a full-service approach to increase available housing, increase employment opportunities, revitalize and promote business and the commercial corridors and improve the general characteristics of the community.

Our mission is the development and implementation of a full-service strategy to increase available housing units, increase employment opportunities, increase job training opportunities, increase educational training opportunities, revitalize and promote the business commercial sector and improve the general characteristics of the community in general.

Some of the accomplishments are:

  • Executed agreement with Hollywood, Inc. to initiate construction of a single-family housing development in the Oakwood Hills Subdivision.
  • Development of 196 homes in Liberia and 346 in Washington Park and surrounding communities.
  • Developed 56 homes in Oakwood Hills.
  • Over 2600 people place in jobs with a job referral and placement program for unemployed and underemployed, low/moderate income persons.
  • Lots have been acquired by the City of Hollywood’s Vacant Lot Program for housing development. Also, lots have been donated by private companies for the expansion of available housing. This project allows LES to build affordable homes for moderate-income families who otherwise would not qualify.
  • Has completed street beautification, sod project throughout the community with resident involvement.
  • Has completed commercial/economic development program along J.A. Ely Boulevard.
  • LES has received administrative support grants, amounting to $2.1 million from the State of Florida Department of Community Affairs.

What is the current state of Liberia?
The Master Plan for Liberia and Oakwood Hills documents a community population of 3,123 residents, of which 47% are male and 52% are female; 18% being between the ages of 21-44 years of age.
The current economic status of Liberia shows that approximately 745 residents are currently employed, with 55% of the labor force being males and another 44% being female